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December 2021, not the coldest winter we have had, but cold enough to turn on the heater. You surely have heard about the rising gas prices in the last couple of months. Gas prices have never been this high as winter 2021. 

Studying can be so expensive. Housing is not cheap either. If you could get any financial benefit, it would be awesome, of course. However, rent benefit is not for everyone, it really depends on different factors. In this blog, we will explain to you who can get rent benefit, but most importantly, what requirements they have for your accommodation to be eligible for rent benefit. And, if you are lucky enough to qualify for rent benefit, we also explain in this blog how you can apply for rent benefit a.k.a. huurtoeslag.

You decided to come to The Netherlands for the long term; study-related, work-related or anything else. Of course, you need somewhere to stay. You've been looking on different websites, Facebook groups and found some interesting stays. However, what is this registration thing? Some say 'registration possible', but others say that there is 'no registration possible'. So what is the deal with this registration thing? Is it mandatory?

First time in The Netherlands, and not sure how long you'd be staying? It would probably make sense to look for short stay accommodation. However, short stays often don't offer registration possibilities because it is not required by Dutch law to register when staying for less than four months in the Netherlands. However, if you are going to study here or opening a bank account, you'll need a BSN, even for the short duration of your stay. We will tell you what you should do to request a BSN without registration possibilities on your accommodation.

Are you moving within the Netherlands or abroad, for example returning to your home country? The landlord/agency might request for proof of deregistration. What is this proof of deregistration, and why do you need to provide it?

Are you renting with another agency who made you pay agency fees? According to Dutch law, agency costs are not permitted, no matter what they are called by the agency. These fees come in different colours and shapes but none of them is allowed. You may be very well entitled to reclaim them!