Student Housing The Hague - Team And Scope

Internationals? Yes please!

It is not uncommon that both expats and international students experience a hard time in finding a suitable place to stay in The Netherlands. More than often an accommodation would not be suitable for them, due to the fact Dutch landlords (or student households) would not like to lease a property out to a foreigner, thus rendering it almost impossible to find a place. This issue, in combination with a continuously dwindling supply of temporary accommodations, made it extra hard, especially for the international students. It is the scope of Student Housing The Hague to tackle these problems.

Run by/for students

Student Housing The Hague was established in 2016. Back then, the company was entirely run by students with their spare time, from their homes behind their laptops helping other students out in finding suitable and reliable accommodation. Looking for a more straightforward name for the company, it was changed to Student Housing The Hague in late 2016. 


...and professionals

In less than two years from the beginning, the company evolved into a more flexible and professional organization, a physical office, and of course, more housing offers. We contracted more landlords in The Hague, but also in other major cities like Rotterdam, Leiden and Delft. Considering everything that we succeeded in the last few years, we are sure to go places even more interesting. A new office was opened in late 2018, and Student Housing The Hague moved to its current office at the Regulusweg in mid-2021.

Our Team

We at Student Housing The Hague once were or are students ourselves, and we too do know the common problems when it comes to landlords, agencies and scams. We believe we can provide you with one of the best housing experiences possible to students in The Hague, and we aim higher to that again every day. We believe we are not just another ordinary housing agency, but something totally different. We are Student Housing The Hague.

We are hiring!

Are you a professional, or just a student who wants a job in the real estate business? Contact us and we will sit down for some coffee, tea or other beverages to discuss a possible collaboration!

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