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Who we are

SHTH was established in the summer of 2016 as a result of the increasing numbers of complaints from international students on agencies which are swarming the rental market in The Hague, The Netherlands. Initially founded by two students, the agency’s scope is making student housing in The Hague easy, reliable and transparent.


You pay what you use.

All-IN rent

No hidden costs.

Flexible service

We fit your needs.

No agency fees

Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

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Featured accommodation

Very central located short stay accommodation on the fourth floor (with elevator) in The Hague, close to THUAS with good public transportation options. Night stores, supermarkets and convenient shops in close proximity.

  • 10m2
  • Single bed
  • Furnished
  • Available per DIRECT
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Practical Information

the memoires of our tenant Sofia Chang
in The Netherlands
Peace of mind
Fetch some extra's to make your stay even more comfortable
of The Hague

Articles & Tips

How can I get a BSN if I cannot register at my accommodation?

We all know how difficult it is to find accommodation, but then you found one but it says no registration possible?! Now what?

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Is registration mandatory?

There are a lot of issues going on regarding the possibility to register with the municipality of The Hague. Some landlords refuse it, though in most cases it is your right and by law in cases it is even mandatory to register.

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Paid Agency Fees?

According to Dutch law agency costs are not permitted, no matter what they are called by the agency. You may be very well entitled to reclaim them! Did you know we provide a reclaim agency-fee-service?

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