How Can I Get A BSN If I Cannot Register At My Accommodation?

So you are planning to come to The Netherlands for your exchange program, internship, or simply planning to stay for a few months just for fun. 

Now your search for accommodation has started and some say; 'long-stays only', 'no registration possible', or 'short-stays only'. But what you really need is a short-stay accommodation and the ability to open a bank account and register for health insurance, what to do now? It is really simple, just read on...



Firstly, let us explain what BSN is. BSN is short for 'burgerservicenummer'. The citizen service number (BSN) is a unique individual number designated to everyone registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP). Everyone who registers with the BRP is automatically given a BSN.

Why do you need a BSN?

The government uses your citizen service number (BSN) to process your data. You can use your BSN for any government service in the Netherlands. Different government organisation can use your BSN to get your info, such as name, DOB etc.

Keep your BSN to yourself!

The BSN's primary purpose is to help with contacts between different government organisations, and between individuals and the government. Non-government organisations – like general practice doctors and other healthcare providers, pharmacies and healthcare insurers – can only use the BSN if the law requires it. The BSN makes it easier for government organisations to exchange personal details without making errors. Each organisation must make sure that you are using your own BSN.


If you are staying at the accommodation for shorter than four months and you cannot register, you can still get a BSN. 

You simply go to one of the 19 municipalities in The Netherlands, really just any one of them, and register yourself as 'niet-ingezetene'. They register you directly at the home address in the country of origin and you receive your BSN at the same time. How simple is that? Just don't forget to bring your passport with you. 

Just make sure you book an appointment for your registration through the website of the municipality or per telephone. 

For The Hague; you can call 14 070 or with the digital form which you can find here.

Note: registration as RNI is only possible for first-entrees. If you've been registered in the Netherlands before, RNI is not possible for you. 

Do you wish to receive more info about this?


You can try to find more information on the website of the governmentHere you can download the brochure which explains the registration procedure.