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Is Registration Mandatory?

You decided to come to The Netherlands for the long term; study-related, work-related or anything else. Of course, you need somewhere to stay. You've been looking on different websites, Facebook group..

How Can I Get A BSN If I Cannot Register At My Accommodation?

First time in The Netherlands, and not sure how long you'd be staying? It would probably make sense to look for short stay accommodation. However, short stays often don't offer registration possibilit..

Deregistration Process Explained

Are you moving within the Netherlands or abroad, for example returning to your home country? The landlord/agency might request for proof of deregistration. What is this proof of deregistration, and wh..

3 Step Guide To 'How To Reclaim Housing Agency Fees'.

Are you renting with another agency who made you pay agency fees? According to Dutch law, agency costs are not permitted, no matter what they are called by the agency. These fees come in different col..