Apartment for rent The Hague - Longterm near THUAS | Student Housing The Hague

Ground floor apartment very very very close to THUAS

Laakkade (2521) The Hague Rented out

€ 2350


  • 82m2
  • 4 rooms
  • Partly furnished
  • Available per 1 October 2019
  • Short stay
  • Long stay
  • Home stay









Price per month


Minimum contract period

12 months



About the apartment

- The apartment will be rented out as a whole. Inquire for info.

- The apartment is available for a minimum stay of 12 months (so you can stay longer).

- Contact us for a viewing!

Located on the ground floor, this renovated  (2019) apartment, originally build in the 1930's, is on walking distance to the The Hague HS train station, THUAS, and the Megastores.

The apartment may be almost 90 years old, it is ready for the future!

- Throughout the apartment you will enjoy a 2.4 and 5.0 GHZ WiFi signal, but it is also possible to enjoy the plenty of internet wall sockets, providing you with a up to 10 Gb hyper speed connection.

- The garden has been reorganised with nice big tiles, providing with plenty of space to hold a BBQ, but also a place where you can plant plants or use the shadow of one of the three trees still present.

- Throughout the apartment the exterior windows are now fitted with double glass and insulation of the apartment has been redone in the interior AND exterior, providing it with a C Energy label (instead of G), making it a lot more energy efficient.



This apartment is most suitable for any group of students who want to be very close to the city centre, but enjoy having space enough for a comfortable lifestyle. 

Public transportation is present: tram 1, 15, 16 & 17 which will take you directly to the beach, the centre, Delft or any of the main train stations in The Hague! 

Shops and general stores located in the close vicinity of the apartment are open every day, multiple supermarkets are in walking distance.


Offer no. 40


The apartment is partly furnished and consists of a bathroom, separate toilet, four rooms, a closed kitchen, hallway, and a garden.

General info

  • Partly furnished
  • Energy label C
  • Big garden
  • Public transportation
  • Close to THUAS and HS
  • Central heater maintenance


  • Ceiling spots
  • Heater
  • Ubiquiti Unify LR WiFi adapter
  • Luxurious PVC flooring


  • Washing machine
  • Design radiator with remote control
  • Wall cabinet with mirror and light
  • One-handle shower
  • Luxurious spots


  • Build-in stove
  • Build-in extractor hood
  • Garden access
  • One-handle faucet

Front (bed)room

  • Radiator with handmade cover
  • 10 Gb wall plug
  • Window film
  • Net curtains and regular curtains
  • Two build-in closets
  • Luxurious PVC flooring

Back (bed)room

  • Radiator
  • Net curtains and regular curtains
  • Direct garden access
  • Two build-in closets
  • 3x 10Gb Wall plugs
  • Luxurious PVC flooring

Medium (bed)room

  • Ceiling spots
  • Radiator
  • Curtains
  • Direct garden access
  • 1x 10Gb Wall plug
  • Luxurious PVC flooring

Cozy (bed)room

  • Radiator
  • Net curtains and regular curtains
  • Laminate flooring
  • Streetside


LongStay price plan applicable. 

Price is including internet and television, present furniture equipment, appliances and fittings, central heater boiler maintenance, and excluding utilities and taxes (e.g. water, electricity, gas, levy's). 


Flat Rate 2250,--
Service costs (fixed) 95,--
Furniture 15,--
Appliances 15,--
Carpeting 15,--
Internet & TV 45,--
Central Heating 5,--
Utilities (variable) 0,--
Water 0,--
Electricity and gas 0,--
Garbage levies 0,--
Water Tax 0,--
Administration costs 5,--
Total 2350,--


Floor plan