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Allard Piersonlaan (Offer 1061)

€ 570 Available per direct


  • 14 m2
  • Single bed
  • Furnished
  • Short stay
  • Long stay
  • Home stay


Cable / WiFi


Second floor



Bedroom lock




Registration possible



About the apartment

It has three furnished bedrooms. You can visit the individual room listings (below) to find more about this. There is also a very cosy living room area where you can watch TV or have a nice coffee/tea in the morning before your day starts.
There is a dining table present with 4 chairs which you can use to your liking. A brand new kitchen where you can prepare dinner or breakfast. Can you already imagine having fun dinners or daily routined breakfast in the morning with your roommates? If you are in need of fresh air you can always use your balcony to relax and enjoy the weather. 
A renovated bathroom with a modern sink, racks for your towels and a high-end washing machine is present. Nothing beats the fresh feels of a renewed high-end bathroom. The toilet is a new built-in floating toilet with a sink. 

Throughout the apartment, you will enjoy a 2.4 and 5.0 GHz WiFi signal, but it is also possible to enjoy the plenty of internet wall sockets, providing you with an up to 10 GB hyper-speed connection. 

About the room

This bedroom has a new bed with a new mattress where you can rest and have your goodnight sleep. Artsy photos on the walls, and a nice mirror where you can check your outfit before you go to the university. It has a window with a nice view of nature.

The room has a wardrobe rack and drawers. It should be enough to store all your personal belongings and books. And in case you do need extra storage space, you can get some storage boxes for under the bed. 


The room is furnished with at least;

  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Desk lamp
  • Mirror
  • Bed
  • Mattress
    *Single bed available upon request.


This apartment is ideal for students who are studying at THUAS. The university can be reached on foot in less than 4 minutes (of course, depending on your speed). Are you going to study at a different university? Don't worry, there are many public transportation options nearby or get a Swapfiets (ask us about the special SHTH-subscription) to experience the common mode of transportation in the Netherlands to experience the Dutch biking culture.

Shops and general stores located in the close vicinity of the apartment are open every day; multiple supermarkets are in walking distance.


Mode of transport




By bike

6 min

1,4 km

Leiden University

By bike

17 min

3,6 km

InHolland University

By bike

18 min

3,8 km

Supermarket Albert Heijn

By foot

4 min

380 m

Megastores shopping mall

By bike

5 min

1,4 km

Tram stop 16 & 17

By foot

3 min

 220 m

Station HS

By bike

8 min

1,8 km

Public transportation
tram 16 & 17 will take you directly to the centre, THUAS, Leiden University and the main train stations in The Hague! 


This room is considered a long-stay; however, shorter stays are possible in consultation. 





Price includes furnishing but excl. advance payments (towards utilities e.g. water, electricity, gas, internet and levies).

Find more information about these costs here.

Floor Plan


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