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Find here the frequently asked questions. Cannot find your question here? Just send us a message and we'll be glad to answer them for you.

  • First come, first served?

    We work on a first come, first served basis. You can express your interest in one of our rooms, we can schedule a viewing (if available) or provide you with a video viewing (if available), and then you can sign the lease. 

    Viewings are held as soon as the room is vacant and available. In practice, due to the high demand for accommodations, the rooms are booked prior to the checkout of the current tenant. 

    We do not reserve or hold any rooms. 


  • Do I have to be an international university student to rent with you?

    We rent out private rooms in shared apartments and apartments/houses as a whole to a group of students. Therefore, we strive to place tenants with the same interests as the current or future housemates. 

    You can rent with us if you are an international university student (HBO/WO) or an intern from abroad. You need to be enrolled at a university, either in the Netherlands or abroad. 

    The reason we solely work with international students is that we need to narrow the target group because of the high demand for housing. The fact that Dutch students often have a home base in the Netherlands to fall back on, international students are often forced to return to their home country when they cannot find any accommodation. Therefore, given these circumstances, we have decided to solely rent out accommodations to international students and interns. 

  • Why is registration not possibly on some rooms?

    With short-stay accommodations registration is not possible. Registration is also not required by the Dutch law for any stays shorter than four months. 

    We do not allow registration on short-term rooms because of several reasons, but the main reason is that of the administrative hassle like taxes and reimbursements. Therefore, short-stay rooms are often more favorable prices and they include tourist taxes. 

    If you need a BSN number for such as opening a bank account or registering for health insurance, you can obtain one with registering at the municipality as 'niet-ingezetene' also know by the name 'Registratie niet-ingezetenen' (RNI). This way you will receive a BSN number while being registered on an address abroad, which can be your home address. 

    If you wish to receive more information about this, you can visit the official website of The Hague municipality or send us a message. 

    Also, we have a blog post on this subject. You can find the blog here.

  • Can I first try the room for a few months and then extend my stay?

    The minimum stay required for a short-stay room is one month and for a long-stay room for six months. 

    With a short-stay accommodation, it is not possible to extend your stay because we cannot hand out a second tenancy agreement/booking confirmation due to Dutch legislation and regulations concerning the rental law. Every second tenancy agreement (for the same accommodation/room) is considered as an indefinite period tenancy agreement. Since short-stay rooms can only be occupied for a maximum of four months per tenant, it is not possible to extend your stay here. 

    For long-stay accommodation, it is possible to stay a maximum period of one year.

    It is not possible to renew any tenancy agreements because we want to promote the flow of the housing market.

  • What rates and price plans are applicable to these stays?

    Any stay between 1 month and 4 months is considered as 'short-stay'. The following rates are applicable to these periods:

    • a stay of 4 months: the standard rate which is mentioned in the advertisement.
    • a stay of 3 months: + €40,00 p/m
    • a stay of 2 months: + €60,00 p/m
    • a stay of 1 month: + €100,00 p/m

     Any stay between 6 months and 12 months is considered as 'long-stay'. The following rates are applicable to these periods:

    • a stay of 12 months: the standard rate which is mentioned in the advertisement.
    • a stay of 11 months: + €8,00 p/m
    • a stay of 10 months: + €12,00 p/m
    • a stay of 9 months:   + €16,00 p/m
    • a stay of 8 months: + €20,00 p/m
    • a stay of 7 months: + €25,00 p/m
    • a stay of 6 months: + €30,00 p/m


    The following price plan can be selected for your stay:

    • weekly payment (+8,5%)
    • monthly payment (regular price)
    • lump sum (regular price)

    The rate and price plan are to be calculated cumulatively. 
    6% VAT is included in all mentioned prices. 

  • Do you have more images or videos of the accommodation?

    Unfortunately, we do not have more pictures or videos available of the accommodations than those already provided on the website. 

    If you like to get a better overview of the accommodation we advise you to visit the viewing. 


  • Can I have a (Skype) viewing of the accommodation?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to schedule a Skype viewing with individuals. You can attend the viewing or most of the time a video viewing of the accommodation is recorded and can be viewed online. 

    Short-term rooms (same goes for Airbnb, hostels, and hotel rooms) are not subject to viewings due to the fast turnaround time between the tenants. 

    Long-term rooms can be viewed once the tenant checked out, and the room is still vacant. Meaning, the room has not been booked by another before that date. 

    The exact address of the viewing is always given shortly before the viewing takes place. This is because of safety and privacy reasons of the current tenants. It is not allowed to go by the apartment without an employee of Student Housing The Hague. 

  • What do I need in order to book a viewing?

    Once we have arranged a viewing/group viewing, you can sign up for the viewing. We need a copy of your ID/Passport where we can read your 1) FULL NAME and 2) PICTURE. It is allowed to blur the ID/Passport. You can use the 'KOPIEID' app from the Rijksoverheid. More information regarding application this can be found here.

    We can sign you up for the viewing once we receive the information as requested above. 

    The exact address of the viewing is always given shortly before the viewing takes place. This is because of safety and privacy reasons of the current tenants. It is not allowed to go by the apartment without an employee of Student Housing The Hague. 


  • What is the duration of a long-stay contract?

    The length of a long-stay tenancy agreement is minimum six months.

    The start date is always as soon as the room becomes available and the end date of the tenancy agreement is always the last day of the month. 

  • Do I have to pay a security deposit?

    Yes, the security deposit is mandatory.

    The security deposit for a room in a shared accommodation is always €750,-- paid up front. When renting an entire apartment, the security deposit is in consultation with Student Housing The Hague and/or landlord.

  • What are the payment methods?

    There are several payment methods available, such as;

    • bank transfer (for both rent payments as the deposit payment)
    • Paypal (for deposit payments only)
    • by card (for first-term rent payments only) upon arrival. Please note that card payments are subject to a 5% transaction fee with a minimum of €5,00. The following cards are accepted; 
      Accepted cards

  • When can I check-in/check-out?

    Check-insbetween 02:00 PM - 04:30 PM on office days, 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.

    Check-outs: between 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM on office days, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.

    Kindly take into account the following:

    Check-ins/check-outs are always held on the starting or ending day of your contract, even if it is a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday. 

    Check-ins/check-outs are held only on office days if you wish to Check-in later than the original start date or check-out earlier than the original end date. 

    Any check-ins/outs outside the above mentioned time frames may be possible but are subject to an additional fee of €60,00 excl. VAT. and times are in consultation with SHTH. Taken into account where the check-in takes place and who is present. It goes without saying that in case of a shared household, we cannot check-in/check-out too late as we have to take the privacy and living pleasure of other housemates into consideration. 

  • What is an utility reimbursement and when do I get it?

    All our prices are all-inclusive, meaning all costs are calculated in the price. However, at the end of each year or your stay*, you will receive an overview of your gas/water/electricity usage and the amount of paid taxes. If you used less or overpaid any of these costs, you will receive a refund. Of course, if you overused any of these utilities, you will be required to compensate for these costs. 

    * Upon check-out, the 'end of your stay' calculations (utility reimbursement) will be provided to you within fourteen days. 


  • Do I get the full security deposit refunded after my stay?

    Yes, if you have provided us with a de-registration form (only applicable to long-stay), if the room and apartment are left behind like the original state or in a better condition and if you have not exceeded the service costs (e.g. gas/water/electricity). Needless to say, if there are any outstanding legal issues regarding your tenancy agreement, the reimbursement of your deposit might take up more time. 

    You will receive your security deposit back within fourteen days after you received your 'end of the stay' calculation (utility reimbursement).

  • What is a bedding package?

    None of the accommodations includes beddings. So if you are not bringing your own or planning on buying them prior to your check-in, you have the possibility to purchase them with us. 

    More information regarding the bedding (and other) packages and pricing can be found here

    The bedding package contains:

    • duvet,
    • pillow,
    • sheet,
    • pillowcase,
    • duvet cover,
    • Molton fitted sheet,
    • and a towel.


    *Are you in a room with a double bed
    With this package comes;

    • duvet,
    • 2x pillow,
    • sheet,
    • 2x pillowcase,
    • duvet cover,
    • Molton fitted sheet,
    • and a towel.


  • Why is the tenancy agreement only in Dutch?

    There are several reasons why we do not offer a tenancy agreement in English, but the main reason is:

    In case there are any misunderstandings or misinterpretations, even though we would acknowledge that the Dutch version is applicable instead of the English version, you as a tenant (private person) accumulate more rights than a professional lessor like Student Housing The Hague, even though our interpretation of our contract seems fit. 

  • Which Terms&Conditions and House rules apply to my contract?

    These documents will be sent to you together with the contract, so you can view them before signing the tenancy agreement. 

  • Is it possible to terminate my tenancy agreement early?

    If you wish to terminate your booking prior to the initial date, you can do this by finding a new tenant to take over, at least, your remaining period. The process of finding a new tenant; such as advertising in FB groups and/or other (social media) channels and holding viewings are the responsibility of the requester (you).

    The new tenant will have to comply with certain requirements, for specific requirements please e-mail to [email protected] because these requirements might differ from accommodation to accommodation. If the rent, paid by the new tenant, is lower than the initial price, the difference is to be compensated by the requester.
    The fee which is applicable to a certain duration of the contract will be calculated pro-rata to the actual period of stay. 

    An administrative fee for this entire proceeding is set at €100,00 excl. VAT. 

    Please note;
    If you want to terminate your tenancy agreement and your minimum stay is less than the required minimum stay; for short-stay <1 month and long-stay <6 months, the administrative fee is set at €200,00 excl. VAT