Vlaggetjesdag 2018 | Student Housing The Hague

What is 'Vlaggetjesdag'?

Vlaggetjesdag is a festival which is held yearly in May or June since 1947. It is celebrated in several fishing ports, but the most fishing port is, of course, Scheveningen. Vlaggetjesdag was the day on which fishing boats were decorated with flags in the harbor and then went out hunting for herring. 

Nowadays we celebrate the arrival of the new herring 'Hollandse Nieuwe' on Vlaggetjesdag. 


Activities on 'Vlaggetjesdag'

There are many activities planned on this day such as; typical Dutch music with performances of Dutch artists, typical old Dutch games, and not to forget 'haring happen' (eating herring the Dutch way). 



Take the historic tram to Vlaggetjesdag!

Between 11:00-17:00 you can take the historic tram to Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen. This tram takes the route of tram 11. It is a so-called hop-on-hop-off tram, meaning you can hop on each tram stop and hop off each tram stop. This 90-year-old tram drives as an extra tram (every 30 min.) besides the regular route of tram 11.

A one-way ticket for this historic tram costs you €2,--. This ticket is valid for a one-way trip from or to the Vlaggetjesdag in Scheveningen. 

The programme and full list of activities of Vlaggetjesdag can be found here.